CD REVIEW: Passafire "Everyone On Everynight"

Passafire is an up-and-coming reggae influenced rock band that is destined to be huge. Their sound is similar to 311, Pepper, and State Radio and their songs are so radio friendly, it's hard to believe they are not all over the airwaves right now. This, their third album, is their best to date, with every song on the album showing off a different strong suit of the band. Their musicality is equal to a band who has dozens of years of experience and touring under their belt. The lyricism on the album is catchy and singable, two incredible qualities that make the music marketable. "Here In Front Of Me" is one of the best reggae rock songs that has been written in recent years, particularly from a band that isn't on a major label. Songs like "Queen Of Spades" and "49th" could also easily be heard on modern and alternative rock radio right now. Great things are abound for Passafire, and this album will help them to lead the way for the new generation of awesome alternative rock bands.