CD REVIEW: Trent Dabbs "Your Side Now"

Trent Dabbs has been around the block a few times so he knows a thing or two about constructing albums, songwriting, and connecting with the listener. On his latest, he has managed to do all of those things with such grace and has created one of his most heartfelt recordings to date. There isn't that huge radio hit or even that cult fan favorite that everyone is going to want to hear played live at every show. Instead, he has filled the album with eight songs that have meaning and a message for both himself and the listener. The title track and "Inside These Lines" are two of Dabbs' best compositions ever. He also shared songwriting duties on this album with the freinds and musical collaborators Katie Herzig, Matthew Perryman Jones, and Ashley Monroe. All in all, Dabbs has proven yet again that a guy and a guitar and that Nashville music scene are one excellent recipe for great albums and great songs.