CD REVIEW: Samantha Stollenwerck "Carefree"

It's not often a talents female singer/songwriter comes around that has it so put together as Samantha Stollenwerck. This, her newest album, sounds as polished as any seasoned musician who has been at it for dozens of years. Her combination or soulful pop, acoustic playfulness, and even a bit of blues makes this album as timeless as it is inventive. Her high energy vibe and ability to connect to the listener through the lyrics is the make of an excellent musician. The album's title track as well as "Oblivious" showcase her fun and funkiness, while other tracks depict her down-to-earth sensibility. The album is as sunshine-filled as the cover photo, with just the right amount of sincerity mixed with her carefree nature, which is particularly why the album title is so fitting. Other standout songs include "Japanese Single," "One Of Your Tattoos," and "Trouble" all of which could be hits on the radio right now. Samantha is as golden as the sun, and the songs on "Carefree" are her bright rays of light shining down on all of us.