CD REVIEW: OK Go "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"

The power pop gods are back with their third album, and this time they aren't playing it safe at all. As a matter of fact, the power pop is all but non-existent on this album. Instead, they've traded it for a more indie rock feel, heavily relying on the production and electronic elements that they have added to their repertoire. The first single "WTF?" is definitely as high energy as their previous hits, however, at time it doesn't even sound like them, not that that's a bad thing. "I Want You So Band I Can't Breathe" is the most reminiscent to their last album with similar syncopated rhythms and delivery. The most surprising song on the album is "Skyscrapers," which is a sweeping mellow ambient style song that could possibly be the best on the album. Other standouts include "All Is Not Lost" and "This Too Shall Pass" which both blur the line between their current and their old sound. OK Go is definitely at the forefront of creative alternative rock music. That they didn't stick to the same old successful formula and still managed to churn out a great album is proof positive that they are the real deal.