CD REVIEW: Will Hoge "The Wreckage"

After being in a horrible, near life threatening, car crash, Will Hoge got back into the studio to record this album. "The Wreckage," with is fitting title, talks all about love and heartbreak in Will's signature southern rock and soul sound. On this album he has created some of his most lyrically perfect songs, adding to his catalogue a handful of rockers and ballads that are sure to become staples in his setlists. "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" is tearing up the airwaves and could be his most commercial success to date. Songs like "Hard To Love" and "Favorite Waste Of Time" show off his ability to mix lyrical poignancy with good old American rock 'n' roll. Even on the slower songs he connects with the listener on a level that has not been seen in his music thus far, such as in "Goodnight/Goodbye" which features guest vocals by Nashville songstress Ashley Monroe. Will Hoge has not yet put out an album that wasn't worthy of praise. Each and every time he unleashes new music on the world it's always amazing and this time it's damn near perfect.