CD REVIEW: Alberta Cross "Broken Side Of Time"

Rock bands have to do a lot these days to stand out, but sometimes connecting with history is enough. Alberta Cross, like it-band Kings Of Leon, have mastered the art of making old school American rock music fun and current. The difference between Alberta Cross and KoL, however, is that Alberta Cross mixes their style of rock music with a bit of 90's alternative and flavor reminiscent of bands like Coldplay and Radiohead. Big heavy crunchy guitars are a staple in songs like "ATX" and "Leave Us And Forgive Us." The boys crank up the blues rock on "Old Man Chicago" and bridge the Atlantic with brit-pop style on the album's title track. The brand of alternative rock music that Alberta Cross has harnessed on their debut album is familiar yet still fresh. Many of the songs on this album will be rock radio hits and this album is sure to make waves for quite a while as Alberta Cross rises to the top.