CD REVIEW: The Album Leaf "A Chorus Of Storytellers"

The Album Leaf has always been at the forefront of the electronic indie movement. As one of the originals in this genre, the Album Leaf never misses a beat wih any of their releases thusfar. This latest effort doesn't fall short in the slightest. This collection of new tunes is as solid as all of their previous releases, and contains some of their best compositions. "Summer Fog" is one of the absolute most beautiful songs ever written, and as an instrumental is strikingly emotional. When lyrics come into the mix it just adds to the awesomeness. Quiet music is something that doesn't always get the praise it deserves, and the Album Leaf is one of the greats. Although this is not their best album ("In A Safe Place" is a masterpiece) is comes damn near close to it, and the Album Leaf is truly an original and potentially iconic musical collective.