CD REVIEW: Landon Pigg "The Boy Who Never"

Landon Pigg has always be an under-the-radar kind of performer. He didn't make too many waves with his debut album, but managed to gain a huge fanbase and a springboard with which he launched into the next faze of his career. Thanks to clever placement to his digital single "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop" in a television commercial, Landon was able to make a pretty big name for himself. The single gets a reworking on his second full length album, further increasing its excellence. Both versions of the song are excellent on their own as well. This album features more of Pigg's incredible lyricism, as heard on songs like "Made For Glory" and "A Ghost." "A Ghost" also showcases the soulfulness of Landon's voice combined with an old school sound that is right out of the 1950s. Landon Pigg is a quiet force in the music world, and with his ability to write a heartfelt pop song that connects to the heartstrings of his listeners, he will remain at the top.