CD REVIEW: Tegan & Sara "Sainthood"

Not their most ambitious recording, Tegan and& Sara's newest album "Sainthood" is certainly one of their best. Again produced by Death Cab For Cutie member Chris Walla, the girls up the ante with a more electronic album than in previous efforts. Just as their last was heavy on cutting edge production, Walla pulls not stops in helping to create a sonic masterpiece that is very similar to their critically acclaimed album "The Con." On the first single "Hell," Tegan and Sara recreate the signature sound that has made them popular in the indie scene and now to a wider audience. Their interesting style of harmonization is very unique and only heightened by the fact that they have incredibly similar voices due to the fact they are twin sisters. "Alligator" is probably their best song since "Walking With The Ghost" and is destined to become a signature identifier of their current sound. Other standout songs are "Don't Rush" and "Paperback Head." The girls from the great white north are certainly still at the top of their and continue to make incredibly unique alternative rock, incorporating as much inventive styling as possible.