CD REVIEW: Rey Fresco "The People"

Debut albums are a way to make an imprint on the listener by creating a unique offering that they may have not heard before. Rey Fresco has an incredibly unique sound that is a different spin on the laid back west coast reggae-rock, light punk that many bands are performing. Sublime is probably the closest comparison of any band to their sound, but Rey Fresco sill has a definite sound all their own. This debut album was produced by friend and surf film musical staple, Todd Hannigan, and features music that is drenched in tropicalia and reggae. "Precious Time" has already began making waves on modern rock and adult alternative radio. Other standout tracks include "All In Awe" and "Chan Chan," which is a cover of the Buena Vista Social Club standard. Latin music and straight up alternative rock also have major influence over this band's sound throughout their debut album. Rey Fresco's "The People" is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise cluttered world of copycat music.