CD REVIEW: Elizabeth & The Catapult "Taller Children"

Pop music is hard to create while still being able to remain original and unique. It is always difficult to set yourself apart from other musical acts while creating accessible songs that can be consumed by a wide variety of music lovers. Elizabeth & The Catapult are a musical group that have managed to put together an incredible album that strays away from the normal pop music formula yet still manages to showcase simple, refined, and accessible music. "Race You" is the album's runaway standout. The song is fun and catchy, with a singable hook that is exactly what makes a memorable song. Songs like the title track and "Momma's Boy" show off the groups ability to create lyrical gems. "Rainiest Day Of Summer" is definitely a beautiful song and proves that E&TC can connect with the listener on many levels. Elizabeth & The Catapult is a breath of fresh air in the pop music world and are sure to gain a ton of new fans with this album.