CD REVIEW: Whitley "Go Forth, Find Mammoth"

Folk artist Whitley has taken his music to a whole new level on his sophomore release. This time he forgoes the use of tons of acoustic guitars for heavier production, which was heard on his first album, but not as widely as on this one. The first single, "Head, First, Down" is full of syncopated rhythm and ear catching melody. He struts his instrumental stuff on the opening track "1945" and "Warm Winter Sky." He is doing things with music that many artists are not even attempting. His use of electronic elements are cutting edge, while still remaining far from creating electronic music. He has a fondness for a complete song, and each and every composition on the album is fully layered with instrumentation, voice, and ambiance. He is truly a unique musician and continues to create incredible and original music. This album proves that you can do anything with your music and still remain true to who you are as an artist.