CD REVIEW: ALO "Man Of The World"

When ALO first began making music they had a lot of fun and they developed a distinct jam band sound and feel that is very distinct. Not that fun went out the window, but their last few albums were less like their earlier days. They were, however, excellent albums that contained many memorable and incredible songs, some of which brought the band into the public eye. This album, which was co-produced by friend and label mate Jack Johnson, is a return to basic form for ALO. They still keep their same California vibe and add a jam band element (much like Phish, pioneers of this sound) that makes the album and each song a classic. The title track is already tearing up Triple A radio charts, appearing in the top 10 most played on many stations. All four members of the band share lead vocal duties with Zach Gill and Dave Brogan doing the bulk of the singing. Dan Lebowitz and Steve Adams both sing lead on a track each, and even Jack Johnson takes over lead vocal duties on "Gardener's Grave"a tune which he wrote the lyrics for. "Suspended" and "I Love Music" are typical and excellent jam band anthems, both over 6 minutes long. "I Love Music" shows off the truly fun qualities of the band as the song emulates 70's style funk and disco. Songs like "Big Appetite" and "Time And Heat" are sure to become instant fan favorites. Reggae, folk rock, and soul all find their place amongst the songs on this album, which is signature ALO combining the best of their classic sound and their newest influences. All that said, "Man Of The World" is the best album released during the first two months of 2010, and is sure to remain one of the best by year's end.