CD REVIEW: The Bamboos "4"

Funk has never been better than it is when it comes from the Bamboos. Their special blend of their Australian flavor, traditional 70's style funk, and acid jazz makes them one of the most unique instrumental bands releasing music these days. Elements of hip hop and world music styles also find their way into the bands fourth album, aptly titled "4." Kylie Auldist makes a very huge presence on this album, appearing as the vocalist on seven tracks. She had previously only appeared as a guest, but now she is a full time member of the band. Rap vocals appear on this album on only one track, less prominent than in previous releases. Lyrics Born lends his vocal styling to the album's standout track "Turn It Up," which is just as funky as anything he has released on his own. "On The Sly" is an incredible song mixing funk and soul seamlessly, breaking down genre barriers on what is sure to be the album's cornerstone song. The Bamboos are basically the most exciting instrumental funk band in the world right now, and their latest album just proves exactly why that statement is true.