CD REVIEW: John Butler Trio "April Uprising"

First they took their homeland of Australia by storm, creating some of the most inventive, forward thinking, and charged up rock music created in recent years. Now, they are poised to bring their most cohesive record yet to the shores of the USA, unleashing a new array of rock songs which will amaze both die hard and new fans alike. Granted this is their fourth album to be released stateside, but it is their first that feels more like a complete thought than just a collection of incredible songs. The first single, "One Way Road," is taking the airwaves by storm with it's political firestorm and a simple message about how going the wrong way is just a plain old bad idea. "Close To You," the second single in Australia is certain to become a huge hit in on US airwaves, both on alternative rock and AAA radio. The album has it all: rock, punk, reggae, country, and good old fashioned folk music. Other albums standouts include "Ragged Mile," "I'd Do Anything," and "Don't Wanna See Your Face." It culminates with an incredibly heartfelt song about his son called "A Star Is Born." John Butler Trio is both an incredible force in the music industry and as social activists. Their music has meaning much more than many other bands and songs on the radio these days, and they should be commended for not being afraid to unleash it on the world.