CD REVIEW: Citizen Cope "The Rainwater LP"

Citizen Cope has always been a unique and unparalleled artists. His first three albums all received countless critical praises, and rightfully so, as he was creating music that was cutting edge each time. On his latest, self released album he is reinventing his delivery yet again. Cope has always been known for his blend of modern elements of hip hop and rock and the classic elements of folk music and he doesn't disappoint on this album. The debut single for the album is a subtle folk rocker that incorporates elements of reggae called "Healing Hands." Other songs that show off his rootsy folk vibe are "Keep Askin'" and "Lifeline" which both appear two times each on the album (both have a stripped down, unplugged version as well as the original recording). The coolest part of the album is that Cope has decided to add a bit of a hiss, pop, and click in the background of the whole thing, to simulate the sound of vinyl. It adds a dimension to the recording that makes it sound 40 years old, while the music still sounds brand new and edgy. Citizen Cope will remain at the top of his game if he continues to make powerful and interesting music, just as he has yet again on his fourth album.