CD REVIEW: Groove Armada "Black Light"

It's been quite a long time since and electronic artist has put together this type of album. In the mid-90's when electronic music went mainstream, spearheaded by The Chemical Brothers, it brought the music off of the dancefloor and onto the radio and television. It was then that the full album format became a crucial element in the delivery of electronic music. While this album is not their best (Goodbye Nightclub (Hello Country) is definitely awesome), Groove Armada's latest is a return to the creation of a cohesive electronic album. There are definitely a few standout tracks on the album. "Shameless" is one of the better songs, featuring vocals by Bryan Ferry. Two other outstanding tracks are "Paper Romance" and "History." Nick Littlemore (of Empire Of The Sun) takes on a huge chunk of the vocal performance throughout the album. A valiant effort on their latest in a long line of excellent compositions, "Black Light" shows us that Groove Armada are one of the classic electronic artists and still have what it takes to make great music.