CD REVIEW: Foo Fighters "Greatest Hits"

Greatest hits albums are a tricky thing. You have to have great songs to be able to put together a greatest hits album, which Foo Fighters have. Now, this album certainly would not be considered a "best of" because there are many Foo Fighters greats that don't make the cut because they never ended up on the radio. This album is a collection of the best songs that they sent to radio and ended up blowing up. They've included two new songs, one of which is currently blowing up at radio right now. "Wheels" is a culmination of the entire career of the Foo Fighters thusfar. The song sound like it could have been included on any their albums because it's sound is so familiar. The band also decided to include an acoustic version of the song "Everlong" which showcases the sheer excellence of the songwriting aspect of the band. Many times rock bands don't become known for their excellent lyrics, and Foo Fighters have some great ones, many of which can be heart in this collection. Fortunately, this is just a stop along the way on what was just supposed to be a Dave Grohl side project, and we surely can expect at least another decade full of new greatest hits to come.