CD REVIEW: Weezer "Raditude"

Since the early 90's these gods of power pop have been tearing it up and reinventing themselves, without straying far from their signature sound. On their latest, which comes quickly on the heels of their critically acclaimed third self titled album, they hit the nail on the head yet again. Their debut single features their longest song title yet, "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To." And, the song is typical Weezer: it rocks, it has a catchy hook, and by the end of the song you know all the words and are singing right along. The album also features a first for the band. They have reached across genre lines and collaborate with Lil Wayne on the track "Can't Stop Partying" which was co-written by Rivers Cuomo and hip hop producer Jermaine Dupri. "The Girl Got Hot" is another Weezer classic that could have been on any of their other albums and fit right in. Now, the band will probably never repeat the success or the musical caliber of their debut album (the first self titled one known as "the blue album"), but they sure do have a lot of fun trying to! This album is a great addition to the Weezer arsenal and many of its tracks will be stuck inside the heads of music fans for years to come.