CD REVIEW: JBM "Not Even In July"

Mellow indie folk has become a very "in" thing these days, so the airwaves can get pretty clogged with artists all doing the same type thing their own special way. What's great about JBM's new album is that it really isn't the same thing at all. His voice is very reminiscent of Jose Gonzalez and Alexi Murdoch and his vibe is right in the same vein as both, but his music hits more close to home. His music is a way for him to connect with the listen and draw them into his quaint world. Songs like "July On The Sound" and "Friends For Fireworks" are a little slice of life for JBM, even if both clock in at over five minutes. Even the six plus minute gem "From Me To You And You To Me" is a heartfelt composition that is certainly a highlight of the album. Fans of Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne will be able to sink their teeth into this one, and JBM's indie folk, although wonderfully lengthy at times, is some of the best mellow rock this year.