CD REVIEW: Josh Rouse "El Turista"

Josh Rouse keeps reinventing himself and tweaking his sound with each new album that he releases. This new album is partially a return to his "Subtitulo" sound from a few years ago and features some groovy mellow and sunny folk rock music. A small handful of songs on the album are actually sung completely in Spanish. Considering Rouse has been living in Spain as of recent, this is no surprise. Many of the songs have a very Mediterranean feel and some even contain elements of bossanova. The album's lead single "I Will Live On Islands" comes directly from the islands and combines Earthy island style world music with Rouses quirky delivery and lyrics. Some of the songs will become instant Josh Rouse classics. He continues to amaze with each and every turn of his musical journey. Rouse is an incredibly inventive musician and his latest proves that oceans, border lines, and genres provide no boundaries for his music.