CD REVIEW: Jon And Roy "Another Noon"

Folk duos are very popular. There have been many very famous duos that have released some very famous music. For Jon and Roy, it's not about that. It's about making simple, easy to listen to music. You are supposed to be transported to another place by music. These guys manage to transport you right to the beach, even if that beach happens to be on the cold Canadian coast and not the warm California coast. "Little Bit Of Love" is as simple as folk music gets, and the delivery of this simplicity is done in an incredibly creative and accessible way. The title track of this album is also quite good. For fans of Jack Johnson, Jon And Roy is the epitome of surfer music. The Canadians have mastered the formula of how to make a chilled out folk song and have put together an entire album in this style that is far from boring or redundant. Great things are on the horizon for this duo, and they may just yet find their way alongside Hall & Oates and Simon & Garfunkel as great duos in folk music history.