CD REVIEW: The Ruse "Love Sex Confusion"

After releasing three excellent albums independently, The Ruse is back doing it all over again, and still without any major backing. It's amazing that these guys still remain unsigned and don't have countless hit songs playing all over rock and top 40 radio, even if they've been played all over MTV's reality programming. Regardless of that, the fact still remains that these guys can put together some great rock tunes that aren't over the top and fell just as mainstream as everything being played on air these days. Any fan of bands such as Lifehouse, Snow Patrol, or Our Lady Peace can get into songs on this album. It all starts off with a rock jam called "I Can't Stop" which is one of their best songs to date. "Apache" is probably the hardest edged song on the album, while "Glitter Not Gold" could compete at the top of the rock charts with the big guns. They turn on their slower side in a few songs as well, showing off their range as musicians. Their catalogue up until now should have been enough to turn a few heads and open a few ears, but this time the band has pulled out the stops and it should garner some huge success and recognition, more than they have seen up until now.