CD REVIEW: Mason Reed "You Can't Come Back From Heaven"

You can really feel the grit and emotion in Mason Reed's vocals and lyrics on his latest EP. His songs are very powerful and delivered very organically with a sound that is unparalleled. His voice is reminiscent of independent musicians the White Buffalo and Graham Isaacson, with his music somehow channelling the likes of Johnny Cash, with the lyrical compliment of Bob Dylan. Only five songs long, Reed is able to tell short stories in each of the compositions, leaving the listener longing for more at the end of the short EP. "Not Perfect" is the hands down standout on the disc. The story told in "Poor Old Man" hits at the very core of your soul, and through his voice, you can feel all the pain, frustration, confusion, anger and every other emotion that is pulsing through Reed as he sings. As familiar as he is unique, Mason Reed is one to watch, as he delivers a thoroughly stunning EP.