CD REVIEW: Switchfoot "Hello Hurricane"

Rock and roll comes in many shapes and sizes. Switchfoot's brand has been around for a while and never manages to disappoint. On Their newest album they stick to what they do well and what they are known for. Making positive rock music that is accessible, lyrically special, and musically awesome is the formula that Switchfoot has used time and time again and it somehow was able to create a whole new batch of songs that are going to add to their timeless catalogue. The album's first single, "Mess Of Me," is a modern and alternative rock gem. It's rare that bands are able to make albums and release singles that stand up for many years, but as is proof with their previous hits, many music fans will be singing along to "Mess Of Me" for many years to come. "Needle And Haystack Life" and "Your Love Is A Song" are also demonstrations of this same magic. Switchfoot are a great band that makes great music and it seems there is not an end in sight for their continued success.