CD REVIEW: Colin Giles "Colin Giles EP"

Colin Giles is a great up-and-coming independent musician that loves to perform reggae music like it was meant to be performed: raw and dirty. He is also one of the smartest independent musicians around, giving his newest EP away completely free, with no strings attached. That is a great marketing tool. What makes it even sweeter is that the music on the EP is actually worth paying for. The 4 songs on this release run the entire range of Giles' abilities, even showcasing one of his classic songs from his debut album. That song, "Go Get It," could easily find its way onto radio, showing off its unique sound, Giles' incredibly cool delivery, and some classic indie instrumentation. His music is raw, but his sound is crisp and solid, with guest appearances on the disc including the great Beastie Boys keyboardist, Money Mark. Even though the EP is only 4 tracks long, it gives us a taste of what Colin Giles is all about as a musician. It's got his funky side, it's got his slow and heartfelt side, and it's got his love for reggae all rolled into one tiny tight little package. Giving away this music for free will virtually guarantee that he will rake it in when the right people get a listen. (Download this EP for free at http://www.colingiles.com)