CD REVIEW: Ted Lennon "The Calm"

Mellow acoustic folk rock is one of the simplest forms of music that can be created. But, to do it right and do it well, it takes a special type of musician with the ability to craft incredible lyrics that mold well with this basic instrumental style. Ted Lennon has been doing that for quite some time now, and like his friend Jack Johnson, has managed to perfect his craft. On his latest, he adds to his repertoire of songs with some excellent compositions, with "I'm Not The One" possibly being the best on the album. "Crazy Sweet" and "She's Gonna Make It" are also perfect compositions showcasing Lennon's seamless marriage of music and lyrics. He's even included his rendition of Bob Dylan's "Don't ThinkTwice It's All Right," which features duet vocals by Brett Dennen, a mellow folk rock master himself. Lennon's style and sound is familiar and ripped right out of the 60's folk scene, updated for the ears of today's listeners. "The Calm" is a great album, and the title is a perfect description for both the music and the mood of the songs.