CD REVIEW: Timmy Curran "Verses"

For surfers who are also musicians it may be tough to make it in the music industry. Sure a few have done it and succeeded, like Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter, but does that mean that any surfer with a guitar can do it? Well, if you are Timmy Curran the answer is yes! His first two releases definitely contained a few of his absolute best songs. This album, however, is the first of his releases to be incredible as a whole collection of songs. Each song flows from one to the other much like the waves that Curran rides, smooth and refreshing. His music isn't at all similar to the aforementioned musicians; it is in fact more of an indie rock vibe, something more like a mellow version of Rogue Wave. One main component of the awesome sound on the disc is the production which was taken on by Todd Hannigan, who we know from the scoring of many surf films. "Castle" and "Swim" join the ranks as two more classic Timmy Curran tracks and the new version of "If I Only Had A Way" included on this album shows off how a great song can still get better. Timmy Curran may be a surfer/musician but do not pigeonhole him into the stereotype. His music and his surfing go hand in hand but neither define the other, an on this album, Timmy Curran the musician shines across all twelve tracks.