CD REVIEW: C-Money "Family Business"

Side projects can come in all shapes and sizes, and this time, horn player from the band Slightly Stoopid takes us on a sonic adventure through jazz, funk, and reggae music. This, his second album, features a number of guest vocalists that really shape this eclectic release. The first single from the album features G. Love on vocals and harmonica is called "Arroz Con Pollo." G. Love brings his signature folk-meets-hip hop vibe, blends it with his own love for reggae and C-Money's urban-meets-coastal vibe for an incredible song. Other guest appearance's are made by Kyle from Slightly Stoopid and Elliot Martin from John Brown's Body. Both vocalists contribute their own signature style to the songs they sing on, but do not create a copy of their own bands' music. C-Money and all of the musicians have a ton of fun on this album, making it an incredibly awesome mix of music that is perfect for anywhere the sun is shining.