CD REVIEW: Angus & Julia Stone "Down The Way"

Folk music has never been this exciting. Well, that's except for the last time these two made an album. Angus & Julia Stone, a brother and sister duo from Australia, have managed to come very close to the quality and vibrancy of their debut. "Down The Way" has everything a great folk rock record needs: great lyrics, interesting and simple instrumentation, and stunning vocals. Sharing the vocal duties, Angus & Julia trade the lead roll practically every other song, throwing in some interesting harmonies and duet vocals here and there. "And The Boys" was the first taste the two let us in on and was just the appetizer for what was to come on the album. "Black Crow" and "Big Jet Plane" are two of the duo's finest recordings, showing off their great storytelling through clever lyrics. The most intriguing song on the album is "Yellow Brick Road" using childhood metaphors to convey their message during a recording that is over seven minutes long, channeling Bob Dylan the entire way. Angus & Julia Stone have a unique style of folk music that sets them apart from the masses, and have definitely avoided the dreaded sophomore slump.