CD REVIEW: Jon And Roy "Homes"

The Canadian folk rockers are back with their third album, and most musical album yet. Their previous album focused primarily on the delivery of simple acoustic pop and folk tunes that were full of life. This time the boys bring in some great backup talent to the mix, adding an excellent depth to their new tunes. The violin usage throughout the entire album reminds us that these guys are from the great white north, adding a subtle country style to their music. "Boon 'Elm," which they smartly decided to give away free before the release of the album, is best track on the album, and sums up the mood and sound of the entire album is just one song. "Cuban B" and "Any Day Now" are also excellent songs and show off their fun loving style as well and their great songwriting skills. Jon and Roy are bursting onto the scene in a big way, and this album, their most cohesive yet, is going to solidify them as superstars of the acoustic folk rock scene.