CD REVIEW: Crash Kings "Crash Kings"

Alternative rock can be stale, uninventive, and too familiar at times. Many times rock radio is dominated by artists that all sound the same, with songs that sound the same, and there seems to be no variety. Enter Crash Kings into the mix. The band has developed their sound to be nothing like you've ever heard on radio recently. They combine their intelligent lyrics, with a kind of 1970's era rock vibe, and piano driven instrumentation for a sound all their own. The album leads off with the single "Mountain Man," which right away hooks you and leaves you craving more. Other songs on the album show off the band;s ability to not only wow musically, but lyrically as well, such as "Come Away" and "Raincoat." The bottom line on all of this is that Crash Kings are a breath of fresh air in a radio world that has become sort of stagnant. Now that they're on the map, Crash Kings are poised to help take rock radio in a whole new and exciting direction.