CD REVIEW: Justin Nozuka "You I Wind Land And Sea"

A lot of people took notice to Justin Nozuka's debut album, which found him right along side superstars on music television and on the radio. However, the album as a whole was just an introduction to Justin Nozuka and was more of a compilation showcasing his many talents. Granted, he had a few great songs on the album, but it's his sophomore effort that will solidify his place along side the greats. You are looking at the next John Mayer here. He is way more soulful than Mayer, but his lyrics and musicality is right there. Nozuka has put together an album of songs that show off his true nature as a musician, much more so than his excellent debut album did. The title track is a definite display of this, with his great guitar skills being show off. The two album singles, "Woman Put Your Weapon Down" and "My Heart Is Yours," were released prior to the album being available, and they did a great job showing off the best features of Nozuka new music. Both songs will surely take a place as two Nozuka's greatest of what is going to be a long and fruitful career, and this album is going to be a tough one to top.