CD REVIEW: Bag Of Toys "Stripped Alive"

Bag Of Toys is one of the most fun bands on the west coast. They have a serious ability to get a crowd going with their feel good surf songs that transport you right to the beach, around the bonfire, or on the waves. Their latest, intended to treat their fans until the next studio release, is a live album that has them performing their best songs in their most organic, stripped down, acoustic form. These recordings showcase the true nature of each of their best tunes, and not a single great song is left out of the mix. Acoustic versions of "Share," "More Sex Than Me," and "California" all make an appearance, and their versions of "Ooh La La" and "Surf Song" only make the listener appreciate these songs much more than their studio debut. Bag Of Toys truly is an excellent group and have proven with this release that music, at its core, is about having fun, loving what you do, and connecting with your fans.