CD REVIEW: Kings Of Convenience "Declaration Of Dependence"

It's hard to believe that this is only the third album from Kings Of Convenience, since it feels like they have been making and releasing music forever. But it's true, and this new collection of thirteen originals is just as good as everything they've released previously. This album includes a recording which is actually the title of their last album, "Riot On An Empty Street." Each and every song features Kings Of Convenience's signature Simon & Garfunkel meets Brit pop sound. Adding to their already vast array of incredible compositions, "Mrs. Cold" and "Boat Behind" are classics in the making. The artwork on the album features the boys on a beach somewhere, sitting under a palm tree, making music and that is exactly the mood that the album sets. This is truly a record that you can find yourself getting lost in, and surely one that you'd want to have with you on the beach this summer as you lounge in your hammock as waves crash on the shore. Can't to the coast? Well, fear not, this album will transport you there from the comfort of your own space.