CD REVIEW: Lee Everton "Sing A Song For Me"

It's probably hard to grasp the concept of a reggae singer coming from Switzerland, but there is at least one worth knowing about. Lee Everton recently released his second album and, like the first, it goes from end to end with authentic reggae music that is as good as anything coming out of the Caribbean. His mellow voice is reminiscent of folk singers like Jose Gonzalez and Matt Costa, but his music is more along the lines of Bob Marley and the Police. In fact, the song "I Got To Keep On Moving" sounds like it could have been a hit by the Police, but it is one of Everton's best originals. "A Little Light" showcases his softer side, highlighting his lyrical prowess. This guy truly is an unknown, but surely on the heels of this album it won't be long before the reggae world embraces their brightest new shining star.