CD REVIEW: Latch Key Kid "All Becomes One"

Latch Key Kid made a name for himself during a Super Bowl commercial with his song "Good Times" and now he's back with a new collection of tunes that are equally as good. He blends pure sun soaked California pop with a form of light power pop to create his own blend of signature music. Latch Key Kid, which was only a side project of Gavin Heaney of California indie folk band Slackstring, has turned into a full on musical venture. On this album he showcases his best stuff on songs like "Getaway," "This World Keeps Turning," and "Last Song." The song that most people will recognize, and is certainly a high point of the album, is "Good To Be" which has been heard all over television. After already having wowed music fans all over the world with music featured in several commercials, movies, and TV shows, this album is sure to put Latch Key Kid on the map as more than just a one hit wonder.