CD REVIEW: matt pond PA "The Dark Leaves"

These guys have managed to stay just below the radar for some time while other indie rock bands have their day in the sun. Rogue Wave, Death Cab For Cutie, and the Shins all have become household names and have embraced the alternative rock community that has embraced the. Well, for matt pond PA, where they are is just fine. They are as big as those bands, but they are not yet so well know that everyone who listens to radio gets into their hit singles and disregards their history and their entire catalogue. This album, their best since their career defining "Several Arrows Later," is an excellent addition to their extensive catalogue and showcases their signature sound. Each song emphasized their interesting instrumentation and their incredibly creative and clever lyrics. The album is not dark, it is not emo, and it is not a novelty recording that is trying to ride the wave of mainstream indie success. Rather, it is a straightforward collection of some of matt pond PA's finest songs, reminding us that you don't need major label backing or hit radio singles to prove you are a great band.