CD REVIEW: Tyrone Wells "Metal & Wood"

Returning to his roots, Tyrone Wells strips down and provides us with an incredible new collection of music driven by his lyrics and his acoustic guitar. Wells, who has seen considerable success, but yet not too mainstream, has released his newest EP without the backing of Universal, who released his two previous albums. Wells teams with some creative partners on this one, most notably Jason Reeves who shares writing and vocal duties on the track "Give Me One Reason." Tyrone has definitely outdone himself on the title track, which is the most organic of the bunch. The song is all about things that we chose that overshadow the things that really mean something, such as going to war or removing the arts and music from our schools. A digital version of the album features two bonus tracks, one being an incredible cover of Kings Of Leon's hit "Use Somebody" which Wells removed all rock and roll from and makes it a slow acoustic ballad type song. Despite his excellent music, Tyrone Wells is certainly an under appreciated musician. However, regardless of where his music comes from or how the world gets to share in it with him, those who do hear it certainly appreciate it.