CD REVIEW: Tyler Hilton "Ladies & Gentlemen"

Tyler Hilton's new EP is just a tease. A tease, that is, for his new album which is set to release sometime later this year. For now, he is giving us five tracks to whet our appetites and remind us why we fell in love with his style of pop rock on his debut album. He has been, however, not fully focused on his music as he has been acting on television in addition to writing music and playing shows. This EP is excellent and "Sunset Blvd." is a gem, showing off just where Tyler is and has been since he last graced us with a new album. His style of pop rock is very rootsy and raw, and does not fit into the same cookie cutter format as much of the pop rock we here on the radio these days. This EP leaves his fans salivating for more new tunes, and if this is any indication, his new album will be as good, if not better, than his last.