CD REVIEW: Alpha Rev "New Morning"

Alpha Rev is a great young band out of Texas who are taking the airwaves by storm with their new single, the title track of the album "New Morning." The album is your typical modern rock album, rivalling albums recently put out by bands such as The Fray, OneRepublic, and Green River Ordinance. Although there's nothing inventive or out of the ordinary about Alpha Rev's music, it's their attention to detail that makes their music great. Not only do they rely on excellent lyrics, but as a band who is seven members strong, their instrumentation is much more than just the simple guitar/bass/keys/drums that many other bands focus on. It makes a simple, familiar style of music sound new and fresh. The best song on the album is "Face Down" which is a bit more funkier than the other songs, and features a killer guitar solo. Alpha Rev are surely the real deal, and with the success of this style of music in the past, there's no doubt that this album will turn these guys into hitmakers.