CD REVIEW: Ozomatli "Fire Away"

At their creative best, Ozomatli have returned with their most cohesive album to date. The entire album both flows well and epitomizes the true nature of the band, who dabbles in countless musically styles. All of their albums have always incorporated all of their influences and their musical talents quite well, but this is the first time that the entire album feels like a full album and not just a collection of individual songs. The album's first single, "It's Only Paper," is incredible catchy and will help Ozomatli gain more of a mainstream following as it is currently blowing up on the radio, possibly from the guest appearance of chorus vocalist Jack Johnson. The song is all about how money is just paper and that you should never let it chance or control you. Their activism is always in full force in their music, but this time they embrace more sensitive issues like gay marriage on "Gay Vatos In Love." Their true fun-loving, partying nature shines on tracks like "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" and "Elysian Persuasion." Whether its Latin, rock, funk, or even hip hop, Ozomatli is always there to make it happen and mix it up well, and on "Fire Away" they do it at the top of their game.