CD REVIEW: The Beautiful Girls "Spooks"

It's hard to follow up the best album of your career. The Beautiful Girls last album "Ziggurats" was one of the best reggae albums to have ever been recorded, combining their signature acoustic reggae sound with influences from The Clash and The Police, taking their game to a whole new level. Now that the have established themselves as incredible reggae musicians who make outstanding reggae music, they've had the task of coming up with a whole new collection, as good as the last. Their latest, "Spooks" may not have the sheer classic excellence of "Ziggurats," but it is an outstanding album just the same. This time the guys have pulled together a sound that builds off of their previous album, and dives more into a bit of dancehall reggae. The entire album features a horn section from the instrumental title track opener to the bouncy "Rockers! (Downtown Upstyling)." Female vocalist Vida Sunshyne makes a guest appearance on the single "10:10," the album's definitive standout, as well as "Gratitude." "Don't Wait" and "Running" are both classic hard rocking reggae, and The Beautiful Girls have proven that they have mastered and can record any and all styles of reggae. With each new album The Beautiful Girls continue to amaze with their creativity, authenticity, and energy, and on "Spooks" they take their music in a direction that will only further expand their fanbase and satisfy their loyal fans.