CD REVIEW: Stone Temple Pilots "Stone Temple Pilots"

In the 90's, Stone Temple Pilots were one of the bands that helped to define a sub genre of alternative rock music known as grunge. Despite the fact that the leaders of this movement were Pearl Jam and Nirvana, STP played a key role in helping to mold grunge rock and alternative rock music throughout the decade. Late in the 90's, Stone Temple Pilots went away from their grunge sound and developed their brand of alternative rock to be all their own. It's fitting that none of their albums released in the early parts of their career were self titled. Their most recent release, coming after a nine year hiatus, got the self titled label and truly defines the band's music from beginning to end and all the way through to now. "Between The Lines," the album's first single, is so good that it is feasible that it could have fit into any of their previous releases. STP have never changed their music to suit the times or to follow trends in music, but they have continued to release great music, even during the lowest points in their career. Although lead singer Scott Weiland had his troubles, and he dabbled with a few solo albums and his other band, Velvet Revolver, never has it been more evident than on this album that his home is as the front man of Stone Temple Pilots. The DeLeo brothers on guitar and bass and Eric Kretz on drums, along with Weiland, haven't made this great of an album since the release of "Purple," and have rejuvenated themselves and their career, which will surely have them touring and recording well into their third decade.