CD REVIEW: Chad Perrone "Release"

Chad Perrone is one of those special musicians that has been around the block a few times, but hasn't yet fully cashed in on his worth. Starting his musical career with indie rock band Averi, Perrone showcased his ability to be a killer frontman and he sung his heart out. Upon going solo, Perrone took the frontman role to the next level and now was the only man. He proved himself over the course of two solo albums, and is back for the third time, this time really letting go. The entire album is excellent, with countless songs that could hold their own on any rock radio station in any part of the country. "Motionless" has the potential to be a successful single on rock radio, and in the right hands or the right ears, could be Perrone's breakout song. His ability to write incredible lyrics is apparent on songs like "Quit You" and "Anything Or Anyone." Great things are on the horizon for Chad Perrone, and his newest album is his vessel out of the unknown.