CD REVIEW: Harper Blynn "Lonliest Generation"

At first glance, it's a brand new band that has come along showcasing some excellent songwriting and pop music. But, this band has actually been around for a little while. Harper Blynn used to be known as Pete & J. Well, they still are known as that, since the principle members and singers of the band are Pete Harper and Jason Blynn. As Pete & J., the guys released several albums and EPs showing off their Simon & Garfunkel style folk pop music. Their newest incarnation, and new album, takes their folk pop style to a whole new level, emphasizing the full band sound without taking away from their core influences and sound. "This Is It," the first single off of the album is pure pop gold, and along with "25 Years," shows off that their sound is incredible Beatlesque. They have also included a few songs that are reminiscent of their duo days, reminding us that their lyrics and guitars are sometimes all you need to hear. Harper Blynn is bringing back a style of music whose popularity may have been left in the 1960's. They have released an album that both plays off their strengths as musicians and takes their music in a new and exciting direction.