CD REVIEW: Rogue Wave "Permalight"

With each album that Rogue Wave creates they add a new dimension to their already complex music. They have embraced their brand of indie rock and taken it to new levels, and following up their critically acclaimed album "Asleep At Heaven's Gate" wasn't going to be easy. Yet, Rogue Wave has managed to seamlessly transition themselves into their newest album without a hitch. "Permalight" has the band returning a bit to their roots with louder guitars, more keyboards, and a bigger sound that is reminiscent to their first two albums. The lead single "Good Morning" is a straight up alternative rocker with big fuzzy guitars. "Solitary Gun" is the "Lake Michigan" of this album, and it's partially mellow indie rock sound will help this song to be the album's cornerstone. The title track features a syncopated rhythm and has the band sounding incredibly cohesive, yet still holding onto an organic feel of the music. This album is an awesome stopping point on Rogue Wave's journey through music, and the guys never cease to amaze with their creative take on indie and alternative rock.