CD REVIEW: Black Marmot "Run Home"

Black Marmot is kind of a modern throwback band. They aren't really doing music that is cutting edge or unfamiliar. Rather, they have embraced a sound that has gone away from popular music and receded into the shadows. Early and mid 1990's college and jam rock was huge, and Black Marmot's sound is reminiscent of that. Blues Traveler and Rusted Root are two bands that come to mind when listening to this debut album. Singer Linde Clark sounds a little like a young Natalie Merchant, bringing yet another element of the 90's to their music. Make no mistake, there is nothing copycat or old school about the sound, it's just that they have decided to bring it back in their own special way. "Indifference" and "Sunburn" are excellent tracks both musically and lyrically, showing off all the skills of each member of the band. The album features some excellent guitar solos, and songs like "Brother" and "Hurricanes" showcase a softer side of their music and some great songwriting. The entire album is full of the energy of a live performance captured in the studio. Black Marmot is one of the best kept secrets in the Northeast and their debut album showcases a band that is poised to be a leader in reinvigorating the 90's jam rock scene.