CD REVIEW: We The Living "Depths Of The Earth"

Alternative rock band We The Living have returned with a continuation from their album "Heights Of The Heavens." This EP along with that album is like the Yin and Yang of the music that We The Living creates. Not that the two recordings are completely different or opposite, but they feature music that spans the entire repertoire of the band. The EP is less radio friendly than the previous album, but that's not a bad thing. We The Living have embraced their songwriting skills on this album and really made a great alternative rock record that connects with their fans. Uncompromised and unforgiving, the brand of independent rock that We The Living is reminiscent of lots of other bands, but uniquely all their own. "Menelaus" and "Sound Of Love" are standouts from this collection, and the disc is an incredible representation of the direction this band is going in and the excellence of their potential for future success.