CD REVIEW: Pete Miller "Shake The Dawn"

Pete Miller is a promising new singer/songwriter from New England that is creating some incredibly interesting music. His style combines the energy of a live jam band with the subtle approach of a solo artist, emphasizing on stellar lyrics. It doesn't take much to make good music these days, but it takes a lot of heart and feeling to make music that connects with listeners and stands out from the bunch. Pete Miller's debut EP sets him apart from a lot of other musicians and makes a statement about what it means to be an independent singer/songwriter. His song "Daydreamer" doesn't only show off his lyrics but also showcases his talents on the guitar. Fellow New Englander, Ryan Zoidis of Rustic Overtones, lends his saxophone skills to Miller's "To See Your Eyes" adding depth to an already complex sound. Pete Miller is part of a new generation of New England bands to take the independent and jam rock scene by storm, and his debut EP is just the beginning of an excellent music career.